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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 22, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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a little girl in oakland hit by a stray bullet at a birthday and with flight recorders now in the hands of malaysian officials, the investigation into the plane crash in ukraine takes an important step forward. new this morning. a live shot from our roof shows cloud covers. rein del >>: 6 for joining us on this tuesday thunder and lightning >>: the storage record shows us where the rain is falling right now. will push it there is a star with that as a part of our forecast this morning. this is all tracking and the north direction. there is more
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offshore will show you that in just a hole in it. not a lot near the lows. in the oakland hills tried to make its way through the san ramon valley. the south bay like moderate arab down the road. through millepede this of the stretch of 880. and the tag in the next half-hour you will see some wet weather. the wide perspective as i said is more offshore. it's more than likely going to track in the north a.bay .
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we will keep uyyou updated , dial process for cisco 670: 62. we are still looking at plenty of slow traffic. this is solidly backed up into the macarthur base. there's drive times of 24 minutes. even that 880 approach is backed up well be on the east all lanes of the toll plaza.
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looking at stop a go traffic from the toll plaza west found. >>:a deadly accident reported on northbound 101 in sunnyvale. it happened around 2:40 just south of lawrence expressway. officers responded to reports of a motorcycle vs a big rig. the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say witnesses reported the motorcycle going near 100 miles per hour before the cause of the crash is still under investigation. a 10-year-old girl is recovering this morning after being shot during a birthday party in oakland. ten year old alyssa brooks was at a birthday party for her one year old cousin in lowell park on saturday when two groups of men opened fire at each other near the park. that is when alyssa was hit in the arm. the shooting has police stepping up patrols in the lowell park area. no suspects have been arrested.
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i saw from bullets come by. i saw blood leaking of the floor. i put my hair oil and are armed to see if i was bleeding i was so i had my hand on my arm the hope turned. >>:imagine living with no access to flowing waterorthis is the r0 people living in plesanton's springhouse appartment complex. the problem began friday with a broken water main. now.four days later.residents will tell and water cost up to $500,000. one bit of
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information is probably property but if you have a house the governor announced he did not have to water it will not issue a fine. the water cops if they get approved they will hit the streets immediately. they will store the information in hold due for the past week. their rollover asking you to save water they're telling you. they're just going to knock on your door and leave a note. the state could go and after they find out what happened to you. you're not off the hook by any
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means. a couple of comedies including santa cruz. -- countys will have more of that. have no communication from authorities other than apology notices posted on their doors. the most recent notice says.water is expected to be restored by sometime this evening.but after five other notices like this.residents are both skeptical and furious. *has brought in
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a number of porta-poties and placed them throughout the complex. but.residents have been faced with quite the challenge in finding other ways of and doing dishes until the problem is adressed. coming up on the kron 4 morning news a recall this morning on fruit in your kitchen. with so coming up on the kron 4 morning news a recall this morning on fheat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything.
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it seventh had a big backup of the bay bridge this morning with slow drive times. it even north filed a 80 is backed up to the diamond lane split. the macarthur rates have drive times of 20 minutes. >>:the effected fruit is packaged by wawona packing company and sold at trader joe's and costco. the recall is for certain peaches, nectarines and plums
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packaged between june 2nd and july 18th. so far there have been *no reported cases on any illness. the company says it has shut down and sanatized the infected packing lines and has found now further trace of the bacteria. summer vacation is starting to wind down. which means students are getting ready to head back to class. and it looks like their parents will be dropping some serious cash to prepare for this school year. the national retail federation survey found americans will spend about 26-and a half billion dollars on back-to- school items. it says the average family with school aged kids will spend just over 669 dollars on supplies, clothing and electronics. the survey found families with high school students will spend the most, while those with elementary school students will spend the least. a huge wildfire has scortched 243-thousand acres in washington state. that's more than four times the area of seattle.and the largest wildfire in the state's history. even though the fire is only two percent contained.officials say.things are looking up. they expect cooler weather and
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reduced winds today to help in the fight. still the damage so far is catastrophic.150 homes impacted.
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expected koller whether there today. let's take a look at the weather that we are seeing outside right now. rainshowers are still falling on world of a. . it's making landfall ball right here's this said beach. you will see what weather on shore here but continuing to make its way through novado right now. it's making its way north. it will continue moving in that direction. we have light rain activity in the east bay. look at this stretch of 680
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between walnut creek had conquered. the south bay is still looking at downtown san jose with some light superegos there. -- sprinkel there . it looks fairly unimpressive and on organized from this point on. we need every drop of it we can get. the direction of the showers will continue to track it through out the morning. the threat still exists the highs
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are some similar to yesterday's. devetrack in an accident on thee short freeway 80 west of to a crawl to boulevard. the incident for the e sure ride is running to about 24 minutes drive times. south 680 is also getting into walnut creek. as well as into this their remote valleys for the south pole ride of baird felt.. ee commute has south bay freeway getting heavier. the
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north a ride is just beginning to slow down for the southbound trip. just east of 101 and accented is slowing down the ride. at the bay bridge the backup is into the macarthur raismaize. the drive times conte to climb above 18 minutes. >>:the silicon valley chapter of the red cross is deploying another volunteer to help with the relief efforts from that the latest volunteer will join the california military department says that the texas border and governor brown is
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scheduled to talk to the secretary tomorrow. they're securing the border since the era records began to have of thousands of of unaccompanied minors crossing the border. >>: they are detained in squalor we are too good of a country for that to occur. >>: they both have the authority to deploy national troops. but who ever authorizes it has to pay for it. we have wyvern jr. talking about deals killing. the big one
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is prince george. the palace is releasing up special pictures of lard. there also celebrating the first birthday of the prince. here is a look at some of the tweets we are seeing this morning. queen elisabeth should
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also be there. 721 ride out and a facebook page is criticizing people about their weight. now one victim of is seeking out cause the social media. >>: it's really hurtful and embarrassing. she is still mortified after discovering a picture of herself. they post people's pictures without their permission. it shows the snapshots of people without
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their permission. >>: it's probably somewhat from around here. >>: this photo was taken off her in october when she was 50, is heavier. she is now taking medication to help her slim down. they tried to get answers on who is behind these pictures. this leads to stop. so i'm going to be about voice.
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britain and shock open at 9:00
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a.m. to 9:00 p.m.. welcome to the escape parking and already people are beating badly. let's start with the artwork. normally our work is respected but not here it's been vandalized by multiple occasions. the park is supposed to open at 9:00 a.m. their close at 9:00 p.m.. but the kids stay all night until 2:00 a.m.. the word of the street is if you want to enjoy the park at all hours just hop a fence. apparently it's not that hard to do. i guess it makes it easier
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to hop a fence. i see a lot of kids drinking beer and smoking weed. these kids are only 30 their 40 years old. but to judge-- 13 to 14 years old . they're supposed to be security watching the up part to prevent vandalism. while you might expect to see graffiti and a state park but you'll see everything in between. the neighbors hate that this new state park was built. but even after respect the neighborhood in san for cisco still the richest kron 4 do so.
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we are following whether this morning. we do have light showers now being reported. it is up here san rafael. it was just off shore near said said beach not to love of go.long , s lightning now be reported in that area. there is some shower activity and said no soh
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bay and the east bay there is not too much rain there. you make your way towards the sabol bridge you will see some light showers. it is continuing to track off. we're going to see some pop up showers here and there. temperatures this afternoon we will expect conditions to be a role 67 for
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downtown san francisco. oakland is looking at 73 for sale rose up.3. >>: tracking a hot spot that the sure freeway wide interstate 80 in the westbound direction has an accident at carlson boulevard. it is also pushing up the drive time over 28 minutes now. watching the kabila of the freeway. those slowly it is a pretty good ride for the big peninsula commute. the toll plaza backup is a retreat into
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the macarthur base with 80 approach it has a lot this 40 this is your best bet for the bay bridge. >>: dari oia 350 residents that live in this apartment complex did not have any water. >>:taresea still a this tuesday they have absolutely no water. the president tells me that some people are using the pool to deal with this situation. there is nothing for the residents to
7:34 am
use for showers. the president told the their first benefit tried to use their bait its crew but they did not qualify. matters have just got worse. we have some calls that they planned to step added to help these residents out. this suspect was arrested for a bakery.baker robbery. bank robbd with premeditated murder. helras
7:35 am
will be back in court august 80. they are still looking for a fourth baird. a band is facing charges for its impersonating a police officer. police say that he approached with that appeared to be drunk. he is not a cop. he would lead them to his whole telling them that he was a police officer. if they were not drug he would get them from.dru.
7:36 am
the accused is back in court next monday. they are reporting followed scarce from the irs collected back taxes. people should report these calls to irs not the police. this is the largest ever foaled scale. 20,000 people were contacted by the stairs. >>scammers , there is someone stealing expensive stuff from starbucks. he is packaging up laptops. david peterson is the co-founder
7:37 am
of bills will die kron. it to others have three burglarized the retreads. they got it with a keyless entry. they have taken a couple of dozen laptops it was the flu. >>: more than expected wholesale spark of it out. there city up 60 points right now. we will be right back.
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labatt we are tracking a hot spot. weather drive times have been climbing because of an
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accident. we are looking at slowed traffic on the bridges.
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also saucepan lightning. it is a little wet out there. we will see this pushed off before too much lower.longer. this is preth all were seeing for the east bay. in the south bay it is intensifying. we are seeing light grades pushing up against the diablo were read.rain, thery
7:45 am
be a chance of a pop up thunderstorm later on this after do.noon, this afternoon we will warm it up to the levels that we saw yesterday. low '70's of the shoreline. tomorrow it's good to be mild. temperatures will begin to climb into the didies for the weekend. >>: be sure freeway are accident a 40 minute drive time now for the e short freeway.
7:46 am
68242, occurred to walnut creek. five midwest is still heavy. the 101 could view through san jose is backed up loud as you head north. no. they rise about 40 minutes. looking at the bridge is the bay bridge it ride. but we are still backed up into the bays. maize. if you are heading to the golden gate reach
7:47 am
it is still a. easy commute. >>: the giants a recall to players. they win the whole game. >>: wonder of 162 evolves a home run. they could have not done that without them. >>: i'm telling you this is going to be good with the dodgers. they one last night. get rid of philadelphia as best as you cared. get ready for the dodgers at home this weekend. it is a concussion and was so
7:48 am
that's quite to be a stricter standard to a beach. then back kid with his elbow. bel first time with his arm. >>: the fig is that is history he's pitched a lot of antiques. >>: there is no clarity that a guy will stay injury free. >>: they gave him of this body. money . it's 11:00 with the
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story breaks. bell will go to fresno and see what happens. >>: they think this guy has had it. >>: he has a thing that says by august 1st he will be up and aged. >>: he has still the first of august. nothing ventured but you don't hurt yourself. >>: he's waiting for someone to cut their figure. >>: they're having a pretty good
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year >>: you should just go down there and prove how valuable you are. >>: they are still paying him. nightfalthey what tilled to go k in fresno for a while. >>: going to a baseball field is great. >>: going to watch i could be going and getting a prostate exam. >>: thursday's game the gl for
7:51 am
myrtle beach and the rangers tepee they are going to go to the gay they're going to stretch it gained eight prostate exam. >>: they don't plenum of the pictures alone.pitcher is small how much attention do you want ??
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where is this agian ? i guess its a place for old folks it shows you whgta i feel like at a baseball game , it's more important that the end it colonoscopy at eight yogurt
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looking to hire more police officers. the traffic violations are tickets they're going to be handing out. the flight reporters now out in the hands of malaysian officials. we are having our top stories as we watched weather and traffic. >>:james , started to mellow out now. just a half hour of go the
8:01 am
only place where seen rain falling right now is up in the north a right now. as you make your way a lot of the boulevard. we're looking at light to moderate rains in the direction of snapple. we are taking a live look outside. it at is a beautiful view here. it could pop a sprinkle or to fill out the morning. maybe a pop-up thunderstorm and the no. 8 in the afternoon hours. upper seventies to low 80s in the east bay and south bay. >>:geaorge it has backed up the
8:02 am
ride to a 40 minute commute right now. the heaviest traffic is right here heading down to richmond. speeds are below 25 mi. per hour. the bay bridge is much improved and the approach for the east shore and the minutes. over 20 minutes drive times there. the san mateo bridge is jammed up solidly. it's getting worse instead of better. 18 + minutes drive times and stopped traffic. >>:daryaa motorcyclist is killed on northbound 101 in sunnyvale overnight.
8:03 am
this happened just south of the lawrence expressway.around 2-40 c-h-p is trying to figure out if a semi hit the motorcyclist.or if the biker hit the truck. police say several witnesses to the crash pulled over to help. but it was too late. the motorcyclist died at the scene. witnesses say he'd been speeding.and investigators say they believe the biker was going nearly 100 miles an hour when the crash happened. in san jose -- the bay area water district is set to vote on hiring 'water cops' today. these "water cops" will issue fines to people caught wasting water. kron four's will tran is live in san jose with more.
8:04 am
there is a light rain going on and san jose right now. rain is falling. i put away my reindeer. -- rain gear . it could hit the streets as soon as possible. they will tell you to stop hanging--wasting water. they will report back to the state or the water agencies. they said starting august 1st if the waste water $500 a violation per violation per day. they will
8:05 am
talk about it that it's a coin to have been in santa cruz it has already started happening. right behind me you can see how green the lawn is. well last night governor brown said if you have a home that is under the home owners' association you will not keep 54 from fn . i hope it rains after we get
8:06 am
off of the morning shift. >>: serious us thatpresident obama is coming to the bay area this week. for yet another big money it will be held at a private home in los altos tomorrow morning. tickets start at 10-thousand dollars a person. if you want to spring for the "v-i-p package'. it'll cost you 32-thousand dollars. the federal site has that all law written insurance deputies set up. the investigation into
8:07 am
malaysia airlines flight 17 has taken an important step, as rebels hand over the flight data and voice recorders. as international pressure mounts for more sanctions against russia for training the militants which downed the aircraft a refrigerated train carrying the bodies of malaysia plane crash victims is now in a city controlled by the ukrainian government, which is promising to do its best to send the victims to the netherlands, which had 193 people on the flight. meanwhile, the crash site remains unsecured today, five days after the disaster that killed 298 people. the fighting continues between israel and gaza.after israeli attacks into israel.
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the time this date 10. were also
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tracking slow going here on the south bay. there were accidents at wolf and near 880 on 280 northbound one no one is leading a out of the coyote valley and 87 for the 280 there is a virtual parking lot. >>: a packing co. is recalling some fresh produce, it was a package by zero walnut packaging. a california packing company is the effected fruit is packaged sold at trader joe's and costco. the recall is for certain peaches, nectarines and plums packaged between june 2nd and july 18th. so far there have been *no the company says it has shut down and sanatized the infected
8:12 am
breaking news right now there also is canceling all flights froto israel are canceled. troos are invaded to stop these attacks in israel. there reported missing and gaza. they're killing at least five people. the two week old flare- up is more than 500 bought blocks. >>:
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815 right now. 243-thousand acres in washington state. that's more than four times the area of seattle.and the largest wildfire in the state's history. even though the fire is only two percent contained.officials say.things are looking up. they expect cooler weather and reduced winds today to help in still the damage so far is catastrophic.150 homes impacted. the silicon valley chapter of the red cross is deploying another volunteer to help with the relief efforts from that wildfire.
8:16 am
the latest volunteer will join four other santa clara county volunteers to provide shelter, food and emotional support for residents who have been it's 816 here's a live look at storm tracker 4. here is some light showers for most of the bay area. this is a live view outside. you see the cloud coverage. storm tracker for well pushpin some light shower activity will be reported there. it's beginning to push off and out towards discovery they. down near livermore you can see that there is light to moderate rain falling. and the south bay gets
8:17 am
a little tricky with spotty showers there. you can see the green and yellow is there. sunnyvale is looking at showers. that's what we are watching on the radar. our highs this afternoon will look like this. maybe 78 to 84 degrees and our inland valleys. kron tom oakland is looking at low 70's. conditions in the north de will look for mid to upper 70's. seven day around of a forecast looks like they're gonna stay
8:18 am
similar to merle and thursday into the weekend the temperatures will be higher. >>: the hot spot on the e sure freeway has a 40 + minutes drive time here. there are still a number of vehicles on the shoulder. still heavy as the ride on to a san ramon valley is still heavy. that corridor commute of the mimics is heavy and so is one no one north from. and the no. one no more ride from all of you. governor jerry brown says he will *not be deploying national guard troops to the mexico
8:19 am
expelled heavy for the raised west ball. 18 + minutes drive times this bridge has really changed over the last year. now is consistently backing uphil te golden gate bridge is and easy trip. one no one and bread would city. border to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants. the california military department says the texas border presents a different set of circumstances than the border between california and
8:20 am
mexico. governor brown is scheduled to meet with mexico's secretary of foreign affairs on wednesday. 8am tuesday version of this page and as a and an outspoken opponent for security. thousands of unaccompanied minors have crossed
8:21 am
it took off in a car. they then declined the revenue in the past few years. >>: the first recreation marijuana was sold legally in seattle. she was the first deadline now she plans to donate it to the museum. there will also donate the items. >>: here's trendiness this morning prince george's first birthday. also this old man dancing. it is good to be an iron man. the last year had this city makes $75 million. the rock
8:22 am
is in town . this is a second day in a row that he's made the top of the list. the 49 year-old actor is in disposable to the franchise. the avengers was third highest sold an all time. >>: the audience is loving it. this is a viral of video with the title old manse yellow
8:23 am
bands. will be right back with the kron 4 morning news. ♪ ♪
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how would you like a three day work week. they suggested we should all do a three day work week, carlos slim is his name he has looked at this he says that if we have a three day work week we would work 311 hour days we can extend the retirement age because of this. he said it would boost more pro
8:27 am
activity. >>: even if wages are going up and some places. they say that some companies are granted more pay raises. they increased wages and the last three months. wages are rising but not enough to keep up with inflation. >>: a little girl and victim of a shooting at a birthday party. some residents do-have running water in their apartments for days.
8:28 am
heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm?
8:29 am
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that is a part of ukraine that is controlled by that government. they were discovered in that area of the crash. it is a 30 right now work and get a look at weather and traffic. let's go first to james and take a look at this radar. we have
8:31 am
some heavy rain out there on the beach. at the moment we have a couple chutes over to the east bay with light to maundering fall rein right now. light shower activity. it is 580 by the castro valley. spotty on and off again showers here. here near redwood city there is some light to moderate rainfall in. so depending on where you are
8:32 am
you could actually see a light shower. just a slight breeze in the air and the smell of fresh rain fall. we have temperatures that are still on the mild side. those fault and clouds are blanketing the bay area. temperatures will warm to pretty much where they were yesterday. east bay shoreline is the low seventies for you. san francisco 67. here's your extended forecast for tomorrow now of
8:33 am
traffic. >>: george estee 80s the west of direction there was an earlier occurring accident in which men at the boulevard. and we're still looking at slow traffic and the more real county. heavier than usual this morning a 10 year old girl is recovering from gunshot wounds. she was at
8:34 am
a birthday party for her cousin and on saturday groups of men were firing here the part. bill i was the last person their rent. so i ran on the sidewalk some bullets came by. i saw blood leaking of the floor i looked at my hair and and i put my head on more or to see if i was bleeding i want was so i cut my hair down my arm the whole time. >>: the shooting has policed stepping up patrols and that area. >>: it has been five days with no water for folks that live in the east bay apartment complex.
8:35 am
they have no water to use for showers or to drink. >>: i just spoke to a resident who tells me they have absolutely no water. they've had no water to use for showers or the bathroom. some people are actually using careful to deal with this situation. there is nothing for residents to use for a shower. we plan to talk with management as soon as possible to find out what is going on out here. they will get a minute this group to fix this situation. matters have just bratwurst. we called the city to see if they planned to step in.
8:36 am
>>: a surviving suspect arrested last wednesday. 19 year-old a rommel's facing criminal charges including murder and attempted murder. one, for each officer prosecuting. also premeditated murder for missed the whole thing. , who ever knew macy knew she was a wonderful person. dai somebody still looking for a fourth man that was involved in the robbery. >>: a five-year old boy was hit by a minivan in hayward he died this morning from his injuries.
8:37 am
he was playing with his friends and hit by a van when he ran a cross the street to get the ball. the driver was not charged. >>: a cell phone at is the reason one person was a live today. the rockets is there for cisco shooting a movie will tell you why everyone is not happy today. the rockets is there for cisco shooting a movie will tell you why everyone is not happy about it. [bl ris] abouyournsurce,bause wh youon' you arte [pro bur] ae n hu you and at pkingear stre wh youon' e fit mp ders ieveith [pro bur] ae [annncercall-800arme,u ansee w mu yououldave.
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hey, hea youuys can help meith og ptectn?r ye, weelp th frauprottion we monitorverypuhasevery and alert u ifanytng lkl wow! y're ally loing t fou. we a. and if the are unthoreds on yr dioverard, you' nev helrespsibl ju to cle, you are sang "og ah, aud otecon.h fr proctio aud otecon. fr. frd. frg. au-d i thk wee onthsameage. wee tolly thsameage. atiscor, we tre youikeyou'treayou. aud otecon. geit adiscer.c
8:40 am
once on city streets in san francisco is dimming up the 280 extension north arounbound. did you see the lightning. storm pictures are coming into our newsroom. the beautiful sun rising control and the beautiful shot. check out this! this rein is just a trace or
8:41 am
two. rainfall measures this morning and downtown san francisco about 4 in.. if you have photos send them into the newsroom at i report to kron,
8:42 am
8:43 am
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(dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. a are getting tougher on preventing people from sleeping in the bus station. the safety and legal issue an emergency so people their share sleeping people can slow down in a number of the sea. >>: the board of supervisors will vote on the so the attack. they will see the measure of november balance. it would add 25¢ a quarter. >>: let's get more of a foundry
8:45 am
and lightning. most of that gun will see a few spots in the loop area. brentwood just north pushing off the screen right now. off to the north bay and into more area. this cell might have a bit of rain here. and the south bay just so light showers just east of san jose and milpitas. the cloud cover over san francisco and the east bay we just watched our walnut creek care run not that long ago.
8:46 am
upper '70's low 80s south bay and east bay that your story today. downtown oakland 72. midday mid-70s. >>: and other mild forecast for tomorrow. high pressure kicks into gear and our inland highs. we're talking '90s by the
8:47 am
weekend. problems are a city street the police have an investigation on a broken water main. normally a trouble-free route this is not the case this morning. from hercules to berkeley a stall 680 south of to the boulevard and highway 4. -- 242 . west ball is back up all the way to the warren freeway highway 13. >>: as we are lucky at two hours
8:48 am
of slow and go traffic and drive times above 18 minutes. 645 is when it started to back up here. the bay bridge west wall is unwinding the backup. deciles in tim the rock is in town . you cant miss him they had been briefed throughout that area. this is what they're doing filming until sunday it is upon-a-is this is impacting
8:49 am
people. it brings and a lot of money to the city. >>: you don't have to mess with any think in your house you just plug it in out of the box. it replaces any light in your house. the ball and at sinks into your home by 5.-- wi fi it easily adjust the brightness level. read or in blue purple whatever you want. there's the
8:50 am
stroh light of fact great for halloween parties. you can set a time for them to turned on or off. one downside they are expensive compared to regular balls. they cost $100. >>: a cell phone at save a barron's life. man life , the ot
8:51 am
off at the phone it saved his life , it was designed by a non profit group charges include and salt he threw a. glass mug at a female bartender. >>: a errors of the couple bought a home at an auction. when they've moved in and day discovered dozens of cats inside. they had to wear
8:52 am
respirators and special clothing because of the smell. the cat is were alive and ok she signed over the cat to authorities. >>: will be back with more of a couple of minutes it is 852 at 1-800-dentist, we're about one thing. helping you find a dentist you'll want to go to for the rest of your life. we've helped over 8 million people find that dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪
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8:56 am
help older people retrieve their dreams. >>: it's just something that's part of his past that he likes a lot it means a lot to him. he has got to be flying on the moon today. the man says he's had a few things that changed since he was a driver. >>:darya the first, landing there are honoring a man after renaming and historic operation. neil arm stroke they're having a special ceremony today. armstrong were at that ceremony.
8:57 am
>>: he hasn't even taken a snap yet the jersey has become the top-selling jersey this year. winning a super bowl has been good for the jersey's sell. amon coming up were talk to our financial expert. and more on apple ordering larger screens.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
thunder and lightning of around the bay area this morning. >>:anny tracking a couple more spots here a lot of is letting down. this is heading up north towards antioch. also on the east bay's shoreline san leandro is looking through the yellow. some of these places are
9:01 am
holding down a pretty good. and to 80 earlier this morning. wells will aid to see some of the light rain. i think a lot of activity is starting to die down. we will hold on to the chance of some light showers today. it looks pretty stormy is there francisco. >>: there is a general trend for the cells heading in the north. potential thunderstorms and maybe even some help. 65 in san jose. 64 and livermore. it's pretty much the majority of the
9:02 am
'60s. 79 and san jose and milpitas. and for the east bay partly cloudy conditions. 81 in livermore 80s and walnut creek. and for the east bayshore lines oakland looking at the upper 72. 75 and petaluma. >>: to marron not much changed but we will seize the morning fog. >>:geaorge as we continue to attract hot spot a slow ride into the city this morning. there is some debris on the freeway. there is a problem on e
9:03 am
investigation. there's not a stock at miracles of. the east bay ride ends up over 30 minutes. west 580 and macarthur freeway still back the into oakland. the san mateo bridge has been a rough ride. over two hours ago and has been the longest stretch of slow and go traffic. without an incident on the stand there has been no problems blocking any lanes. at the bay bridge toll plaza we do start the morning with a backup all the way through the macarthur maze. that 880 in the
9:04 am
e short freeway approach to the bridge are very easy. >>:mark looking for water wasters. >>:will they will vote tonight at 6:00 at looks like it is a conclusion that will happen. about $500,000 are joining now. this is the agency's idea will they go all road issuing tickets? >>: our employees do not have the ability to issue tickets but we will bring education. bell >>:will who came up with this idea? why have the water cops did make him. tariffs and not
9:05 am
setting a door. >>: the cities have done what they come to reach our 20% water deductible. it has been increasingly frustrated. were trained to do everything we can. we'll have the resources to enforce the rules into existence. if we get this money we can also help them. >>:will down the road there is a provider and the state itself and slap that $500 a day. >>: of course everyone does not what to do that. we want to give them a warning it may be a second warning. >>:will any quick tips out there? where trade versus best
9:06 am
to save water. >>: shut down to two or maybe three days a week. we shut it down to 80 percent of the water use at our campus. >>:will : we do not have the water are lawrence it is now the law. you will not face a fine. you can water and maybe twice a month. the water cops should increase as soon as possible. nobody yet but it could be coming to this city. >>: a motorcyclist was killed in sunnyvale overnight about 230 this morning. witnesses say they saw the motorcycle speeding
9:07 am
going a hundred miles per hour. a semi truck and the motorcycle collided then the motorcyclist was killed. there were several vehicles it never legally over the body. the police are investigating now to see in this collision who actually was at fault. >>: bill this morning a serious suspect in the health-care law was about declaring that the subsidies are buying insurance. there's more than half of 8 million americans who are purchasing the insurance under the law. this subsidy are receiving their premiums for the
9:08 am
federal government. it only allows us this assurance subsidies in certain states. president obama is coming to the bay area this week for a fund raiser. tickets start at $7,000 a person and a vip package costs should $32,000. >>:industrial adverage up 32 a person and a vip package costs should $32,000. >heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything.
9:09 am
watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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9:11 am
continued to attract hot spot in san mateo. even though we've been incident free across the span the drive times are still between 15 and 18 minutes. will have the rest of the hot spots when we return.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
your home of the hot spots we are tracking them this morning. the 280 extension problems on the city surface street have snapped it up from king street and from 63. interstate 80 in the west of direction but it is carefully recovering from early occuring problems. we are seeing big improvements here on west of 580. with an accident at east 14th. it continues that way to add one no one northbound all
9:15 am
the way up to highway 237. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge ride. it is slowly beginning to unwind. 80 minutes for your drive time of year was found. the bay bridge is not much of a backup. but that is the turn off of interstate 80. your commute for the golden gate reach is a problem free.
9:16 am
>>:darya : take a look at this. this is about 515a.m is it a cop car i did not know we would have all of this lightning. right now we don't have any lightning. these are cloudy conditions. we're still seeing some showers this morning. let me show you the star tracker. just some pockets of rain. you concede if you're road this area you have light trade. -- rain , it looks
9:17 am
like this is a further north. this is showing out a little more intense. it is just some scattered stuff towards walnut creek. were generally looking at more showers. though more lightning right now. lthe north cape is holding on to the stores this afternoon. -- storm this after noon right now you can see out arm of terror and camera. this is a storm that came through with a lot of moisture. it is sold you
9:18 am
did all heading north. and the right now temperatures are pretty mild. 69 the were. highest effort san francisco 79. 72 and oakland and 77 and apple. tablature. is our boy to be fairly mild this morning fog and afternoon sun. thursday will begin to warm things up. temperatures will be back into the low nineties for the weekend. >>:rob black : it's tough to
9:19 am
keep these foes a secret. here is some more information coming out of china today. apple is the start a 5 in. production a month after that. one phone and september and may be one answer october. cities may be on a low ridge. we are right at the turn were returned apple into about four hours. it is a good third and fourth quarter for this order. >>: it is almost sold with an that afflicts about 10 years ago. net reflects earnings is
9:20 am
about more than doubled. -- net flix it is all about the future will spend 42 million on content. a lot of their future profit are super sizable for this company. they're all set to launch in september. net flicks is great to be the biggest company for the world. 48 million subscribers and the united states. >>: this is something you've talked about for years. bellhop rob :
9:21 am
9:22 am
maybe 50 percent. you have to own it. if you're up your already a winner if its down then. they're shutting down the factory this we and to bring in 25 more robots. they've gone from 700 cars a week to 800. they will operate on the same factory floor. that is part of their business. they planned to build a gig of operation
9:23 am
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9:26 am
$2,500 is being offered for information leading to the arrest in san francisco police believe that these women have been ripping off starbucks. >>:dan: i know is the same person because i've seen video. he says that over the past few months the headquarters could
9:27 am
start up at others they have been burglarized over three times. this this surveillance video of the female suspect moving through the offices. petersen gave a surveillance video from a another starbucks that was also burglarized. it was the same woman in the video. she carried a bag stolen from his office. he believes that the burglaries' are connected by this keyless entry at the front door. if someone who has to have the master code for that. some are even taken place during
9:28 am
daytime business hours. since the burglaries' changed the pasco's they hope that the videos and they released will help capture the suspect. police and not releasing all of the videos with it let anyone who recognize the person in the video to contact police. therefore
9:29 am
9:30 am
you may all be getting a little bit of rain. will show you what were still tracking south this morning. looks like temperatures
9:31 am
will be fairly mild for much of the day. it looks like will probably see some rain comes through in the oakland area. you're saying so wet roads today. 580 is what shows north towards where would and antioch. right now we're not seeing any lightning activity that was mostly this morning. well were still rolling onto the chance of some thunderstorms later this afternoon. we could still sees a more active weather. it went
9:32 am
farther north as it dies down. maybe also sees some lightning. more details on your forecast when we come back. >>:george: interstate 80 west broad is behind schedule. 580 west found an accident is. slow going coming through livermore. one no one northbound is still badly back up. it usually gets heavy rate at the end of the commute but today is no exception. seventh the average has been a hot spot this
9:33 am
morning. it is started to a wire now for the west ball commute. and some >>:mark: 18 year-old girl is recovering from a gunshot wound- wound- 10 year old girl after to enhan two men opened up the gune at a birthday party. i read on the sidewalk and i saw some bullets come by. i saw blood leaking on the floor and i reached with my hand and held my hand on my arm to stop the bleeding. there lookingmark: shooting has
9:34 am
people stepping up patrols in that area. >>: stock it was a court yesterday's 19 year old rose is facing charges >>:kelly: he's an associate of a street gain. his hands and legs were shackled together. they change into a courthouse the edge. your kids see for yourself out fit this copy of the complete and charges are. the first allegation of the top is premeditated murder of this the. -- misty the little-used as the lead shields between the shootout of the suspect and the police. they
9:35 am
showed up in court wearing t- shirts with her picture. >>: whoever is the would have know that she was a wonderful person. >>: they're also being held responsible for the murder of the rest of the people. they died in the gunbattle with police. he will be charged for their attempted murder charges to. 22 coast of attempted murder for the police officers. >>: the robbery the kidnapping and the burglary have life without possibility of parole. or the death penalty. >>: he will be back in court august 80. >>: yesterday they brought down
9:36 am
the sign it worked around the memorial for the flowers and gifts. to account for the woman who was held hostage and killed in the shootout. the plate will be scheduled to close for good. -- bank >>: there is the official cause of death for the right to attack victims. two people were killed and the crash from trouble. that bus was carrying 46 students from southern california. the victim of include develop and has been five days today with no water. they can't
9:37 am
take showers or anything. >>:tyresa still on this tuesday they have absolutely no water. they have no way to use the showers or the bathroom. porter fides have been brought aid but there is nothing for them to use as showers. they planned to talk to the bandage it to find out what is going on out here. they say they tried to use their made its crew to fix this situation but they were not qualified. we plan to talk to manage it is soon as possible. >>:
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
of the kron 4 morning news is still slowing here of the south wall commute on highway 10 was heading from redwood city. still heavy traffic on the north all side of apollo bottle. will have the complete traffic check coming up. >>: bar is cracking down on people sleeping on the bus therapsleep, the people can slon of the evacuation and an emergency. >>: how about a three day work week instead of a five a one. 11 hours and 3 days , they say that they recommended this
9:42 am
because it would be offset with four days off busey pro activity. you could work those days and get up for days off. and in nine years of retirement. >>: wages are buoying up a lot of places. they're reading a lot of pay raises this year. their firms have increased wages and the last few months. wages are rising but not factor in the effort and inflation. valhalla, u we will be right back
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>:stanley roberts this park is open from 9 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.. it's opened and already people are behaving badly. let's start with the artwork it gives the park a little more flavor. normally our work is a respected but not here if vandalized. the neighbors have really been trying to get the word out that the park closes at 9:00 p.m. the kid state and to about 2:00 a.m.. if you want to enjoy the park after hours all you have to do is stop the fed said. if
9:47 am
this is no fence here that is probably not that hard to do i guess it's easier to hop a fence. i see a lot of kids littering here i see a lot kid smoking weed. but will live to a judge they may have been in a coma. before security was watching the part to prevent vandalism now they are watching the new parking lot. while you might expect to see graffiti and a state park, see everything in between. personally i'd like the fact that it gives the kids a place to hang out but you have
9:48 am
to respect the neighborhood. >>: a huge wildfire is scorching tons of thousands of acres in washington state. where show you 243,000 a. that have occurred so far. it is 2 percent contained. the winds are little less and a little cooler today so that should help. the time now is 948. you see the light being from this morning but there is no lightning right now. this raid is impacting places like iramirine , concord antioch and livermore are looking toward some good conditions. this is heading
9:49 am
towards the north out toward pleasant hill as well as lafayette seeing somewhere roadways for sure. -- wet road ways the rest of today there is a chip for some thunderstorms. were still holding the chance for some thunderstorm activities for this afternoon maybe even some lady. baby even so halmayb, there is some delays over an hour for the are arriving flights this morning. 65 if there francisco 55 and in
9:50 am
concord. slow warm-up because of the cloud cover. . campbell 84 and for the east bay's 77 ladies for pittsburg and livermore. for oakland partly cloudy conditions today with a high of 72. downtown service cisco 77. here is your seventh day around a forecast. the big change in temperature as tomorrow. thursday will be our he waved a. >>:gearge still recovering from a recent problem there is a
9:51 am
recent accident and berkeley. it is still slow from livermore to dublin the corridor khalil is heavy. you could see that it is tied up the allie ride . it's sl heavy for both war and a 192 interchanges and one award 84 interchange. the san mateo bridge was backed up for two and a half hours in the west of direction. in your ride up over here on the golden gate bridge looks great. look for that third
9:52 am
plane to be added in the north of direction very shortly. >>:dayra the malaysian airline flight with the commercial airlines is showing now. >>:brian todd : of course after the attack others could be increased pressure for commercial airliners. they're worried about the safety of the american passengers. those systems could have prevented this on november 2000 and three. this happened to manage safely. israel already has countermeasures. the terrorists launched missiles and barely
9:53 am
missed that is rarely a passenger in 2002. those of is going to win, only simple shoulder fired vessels. one possible countermeasure according to experts could be fired from the commercial plane and canister. he would burst open and set off little confetti. this cloud as launch larger than that aircraft. the vessel is throw off target. it is only a few seconds before the vessel can watch back onto the aircraft. -- missel , former
9:54 am
pilots tell us is not safe for commercial pilots to handle those canisters. on a huge commercial plane and could endanger the passengers. after people find a dentist through us,
9:55 am
9:56 am
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looks like thats of the rain here comes the heat for the weekend in the 90s have a good day dr phioll coming up next
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9:59 am
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>> announcer: today on "dr. phil." >> my daughter was sexually assaulted by her stepfather. >> you had a hand at putting my son in jail for life. >> announcer: is this soldier a child molester? >> we know he is. >> dr. phil: you weren't there that night. we asked you the top three facts that you know he did it. you have none. >> announcer: was he wrongly convicted? >> dr. phil: you tell five stories about where the clothes were. >> i didn't. >> dr. phil: did the affidavit, the medical exam, the police report get it wrong? >> yes. >> she purgered herself in court. lies after lies. >> dr. phil: have you ever made false allegations prior to this? >> yes, i have. >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> dr. phil: i hate to see people suffering. you've hurt long enough. >> stand by, dr. phil. >> dr. phil: i'm going to get you the help you need.


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